Quick and Simple Garage Maintenance Tips

Shut the Door!  The garage door that it is Say Hello and Thank You to my Friends at The Mid-Atlantic Door Group for this great guest post on DIY tips to manage your garage. Mine is always a nightmare. I collect stray furniture from the roadside, I pile up projects that “I will get to when…” […]

You’ve got mail…and an ugly mailbox

Did you ever drive by that house, you know the one, with the beautifully manicured lawn and great curb appeal?  I’ve noticed that a great looking mailbox is a key part of that look.  So I looked at my own mailbox.  Boy, was it lacking pizazz.  I planned a mini makeover and headed to the […]

8 Things Every HIP Chicks Ought to Possess

We Chicks are capable of so much.  We raise kids, go to college, have careers. Why stop at fixing the toilet or hanging your own art for goodness sake?  But you gotta have the right tools for the job.  Here’s a short list of the right stuff that every Chick ought to call her own! Ladies, […]

Green Houses To Go

You can make this super easy portable greenhouse for your yard. This was made from salvage store PVC and plexiglass.  It took about 3 hours to create. It is light and allows you to rotate it around the soil and let’s you grow all winter too.  

No Mess Spackle Technique

Do you hate to spackle?  I know I do. It’s messy and leaves dust everywhere! Here is a super quick cleaner way to get it done.

Leaves of Three, Let it Be & Other Fatherly Wisdom

That’s wise advice I heard from my dad a time or two. As father’s day approaches, I have to share some of my father’s wit and wisdom with you. He taught me a many number of great life lessons.  Ironically, not one of them had to do with tools; my mom was the handy one. […]

True Tale of Electrical Safety Hazard

A series of unfortunate events became a home and life saver. You know that saying: things happen for a reason.  Well, a client of mine recently saw that first hand. She and her husband ripped out a built-in cabinet from her dining room.  Upon moving this piece, she found termite and rot damage to the […]

Thunder, Lightning and Hail Oh My!

As summer storms roll into your neighborhood, it can be a little unsettling. Here are a few helpful tips to prepare you for Mother Nature’s dark side. These are things you may not have thought about but will wish you had when the big storm hits: Emergent Needs: Rapid cell phone charger from Energizer,  approx $20 Battery […]

My DIY Custom Shower

If I go missing, I may just be hiding out in here, all wrinkly like a prune! I am so thrilled with my new shower. Before the renovation, it was small dark and MOLDY.  Now, it is light spacious and gorgeous. Huge thank you to folks at Lomax Carpet and Tile for offering such beautiful […]

DIY Skills for the Real World

When we think of DIY projects, we often jump to visions of electrical outlets, miter saws and plumbing wrenches. But we forget that Doing-It-Yourself is about life skills and problem solving – the ability to live in a home and manage the little day-to-day things with confidence and ease.  Let’s not raise a society of […]

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