Snake on the Bar B

Snakes. YUCK! Well, this HIP Chick is not afraid of snakes. I am more afraid of having the snake eat my KOI. I have lovingly tended to my garden koi pond for 15 years and I hate when predators invade my pond. My fish are friends, not food!  

How to Fix that Dripy Faucet

Drip Drip Drip.  It’s like Chinese Water torture to listen to a leaky faucet day after day after day. Not to mention the cost of water going down the drain.  Leaky faucets are often caused by wear in the faucet cartridge. In this video, I explain how to remove obtain a new cartridge, remove the […]

Home Alone? Are your teens prepared to be alone at home?

Teenagers. They think they know it all… We adults, of course, know better. Well, usually. But the reality is that there are many household dangers your kids and grand kids are not prepared for because we simply have not told them. You teach them how to cross the street; why not teach them to be safe […]

Flat Tire FIX Mom Can Do….

One of my big pet peeves is that as a society, we are raising a generation of kids who are lacking self – reliance. They see moms and dads doing everything for them and when it comes to the home, parents write checks before they roll up their sleeves.  But we gotta teach them the […]

Quick and Simple Garage Maintenance Tips

Shut the Door!  The garage door that it is Say Hello and Thank You to my Friends at The Mid-Atlantic Door Group for this great guest post on DIY tips to manage your garage. Mine is always a nightmare. I collect stray furniture from the roadside, I pile up projects that “I will get to when…” […]

You’ve got mail…and an ugly mailbox

Did you ever drive by that house, you know the one, with the beautifully manicured lawn and great curb appeal?  I’ve noticed that a great looking mailbox is a key part of that look.  So I looked at my own mailbox.  Boy, was it lacking pizazz.  I planned a mini makeover and headed to the […]

8 Things Every HIP Chicks Ought to Possess

We Chicks are capable of so much.  We raise kids, go to college, have careers. Why stop at fixing the toilet or hanging your own art for goodness sake?  But you gotta have the right tools for the job.  Here’s a short list of the right stuff that every Chick ought to call her own! Ladies, […]

Green Houses To Go

You can make this super easy portable greenhouse for your yard. This was made from salvage store PVC and plexiglass.  It took about 3 hours to create. It is light and allows you to rotate it around the soil and let’s you grow all winter too.  

No Mess Spackle Technique

Do you hate to spackle?  I know I do. It’s messy and leaves dust everywhere! Here is a super quick cleaner way to get it done.

How to Cool Home with a Ceiling Fan- Don’t blow your money!

Your ceilling fan can be a great tool to keep you comfy and save some money. Try these simple tricks to get the most out of your fan so you don’t blow your money keeping cool!

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