A Mean,Green Cleaning Machine

When I need to clean I get MEAN, Mean Green that is! I was recently introduced to this Mean Green line of cleaning products. I had never heard of them but I am very impressed. I love the logo too; tough, no-nonsense, “angry” eyes as my kids would call them. Mean eyes for cleaners that […]

Down the Drain

We all know that familiar song. “Call Roto-Rooter, that’s the name, and away go troubles down the drain.” Roto Rooter has been an American staple in home plumbing repair and maintenance since 1935 and that tune had been stuck in my head since the 70’s! Sam Blanc invented the drain rooter over 60 years ago […]

Store Bought Drapes Get Custom Details for under $20

I was born and raised on a budget, that’s just how it was. So I totally understand what it is like when you want the look of custom and it’s not in the budget. Recently I had a client who loved the look and color of her drapery panels from Linens and Things (remember them) […]

How to Keep Dirt and Dust under Control in DIY

I hate sanding projects. Dust goes everywhere and I mean everywhere! So aside from covering up return vents and doors, here is a little trick I discovered that really works. Grab your vacuum because it’s time to channel your inner Karate Kid – Wax on, Wax off!

Cheap Chaise Face Lift

I LOVE bargains. That’s just how I grew up. We did not have much money and yet my parents made our small modest home, fresh and trendy on a budget. I am still doing that at my home! I really wanted a chaise lounge for my bedroom. It has a French Country décor with blue […]

Stop Venting- It’s UGLY

I hate metal vents and returns and registers. These metal grates are not art; they are not meant to stand out on your beautifully painted walls and floors. Time to camouflage them. Watch this 47 second tip! You will need Spray paint, cardboard to place vents on, and a few minutes of time. I always […]

Get Kids Organized

Pop a shoe organizer over your hall closet door to collect all the mittens, gloves and hats. Kids can reach it, see into the pockets and do it themselves! When winter’s done you can take it down, roll it up and store it until next year.

Roll Out That Red Carpet – A Buying Guide

Pro Tips As much as I LOVE red, I don’t think I would ever put red carpet in my home unless I had a great big media theater room which I don’t. Most homeowners are opting for sensible long lasting, neutral carpet to improve their space! As many of you know, I just replaced my […]

Let’s Cut a RUG! DIY Tips to remove old carpets

You can remove wall to wall carpeting all by yourself. It is not as hard as you think. You only need few simple tools and no experience needed. For tools please grab: a utility knife, a hammer, twine or string, and a buddy. Seriously, remove the old carpets yourself and save money. Spend the money you […]

Are you afraid of the dark?

Try Easy to Install Programmable Outdoor Lights Long dark days of winter can be a little creepy especially if you live alone. But don’t be freaked out by the dark any longer. Head to Home Depot and look for screw in light controls for your porch lights. Westek makes a screw in light bulb adapter […]

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