Are you afraid of the dark?

Try Easy to Install Programmable Outdoor Lights Long dark days of winter can be a little creepy especially if you live alone. But don’t be freaked out by the dark any longer. Head to Home Depot and look for screw in light controls for your porch lights. Westek makes a screw in light bulb adapter […]

Duct Tape ME!

DUCT Tape fixes everything, right? As a Do It Yourselfer, I keep it handy but sometimes you need it to fix yourself. So grab a roll and tear off a nice chunk for your mouth! Yes, duct tape for your mouth. No, it’s not a Catholic school punishment for cussing. If it is, I’d better […]

Time to Step It UP!

    How many of you have old worn banisters or dated gunstock oak railings and are craving a fresh new look? Lots of you, myself included. Or at least I did. My home is 17 yrs old and when we bought it I loved everything oak. Over time, my tastes have changed but I […]


Yes I will LIVE at the Philly Home Show in January 2015 Date and Time TDB Don’t miss it. The guys from DIY Network’s I Hate My Bath and I Hate my Kitchen will be there too.   Sign up for the HIP Chicks Newsletter to get the scoop on upcoming events, classes and of […]

Terrific Toothpaste

Yep Toothpaste is Terrific at managing those little DIY life hacks around the house!  Watch this little ditty about the pasty white stuff.  You won’t believe all the things it is good for…besides your teeth! You must share this one with your friends. Click the icons below, go on click…

Frosty the Pumpkin

I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. I love scaring the bee-Jesus out of kids. Ok, I do take it easy on the little ones. Older kids are fair game! My house is that house in the hood where kids love to be scared! Every year, they come and expect something creepy! I hate […]

Poo – Pourri

Ok Yes I am going there… I must. If you are prudish or easily embarrassed I do apologize, but we all do it! In the potty that is and I am going down this path of conversation. I have to. I found this product a few weeks back and OMG it is so funny. Maybe […]

Chocolate on the Walls?

I am revisiting this great makeover in did a few years ago. I really wish I had before pictures! This 1990’s kitchen used to have dark green flowered wall paper, brass knobs and green formica. The old wallpaper was well applied and therefore a bitch to get off, the homeowner wanted to DIY that part […]

How to wire a heated floor mat under tile

Yes, a heated floor is a luxury but one to consider if you are laying a new floor in a bathroom. This mat was easy to install;  flexible coils are simply taped to the floor and covered with mortar. Tile is placed over it and VOILA you have warm piggy toes for years to come! This […]

THE Must Have Tools for HIP Chicks

What’s in your box? I put together an in depth video on how to build a great tool box. Take notes and go shopping!  

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