Down the Drain

We all know that familiar song.

Call Roto-Rooter, that’s the name, and away go troubles down the drain.”

Roto Rooter has been an American staple in home plumbing repair and maintenance since 1935 and that tune had been stuck in my head since the 70’s!


Sam Blanc invented the drain rooter over 60 years ago to chew through tough clogs and tree roots that choked sewer lines. Today, Roto-rooter continues to serve homeowners. They still have a fleet of plumbing pros, of course, but they also offer resources for the Do It Yourselfers.  Check out their DIY home products here.

Roto-Rooter has user friendly products for managing clogs and septic tanks. I always say try to clear it on your own before calling the plumber. While I prefer to use non-chemical clog busters whenever possible, there are times that you need to turn a more powerful agent to dissolve that soap scum, hair and grease.  Roto-Rooter has a hair specific product that I have used in my own shower, because hair traps just aren’t enough with my long hair. It gets rid of that stinky stale odor that lingers from hair blobs stuck in the drain too.

For you folks with septic tanks, Roto-Rooter has a maintenance treatment full of all the enzymes you need to keep that tank in shape and keep its content intact. The last thing anyone wants is a backed up septic system. Consider this product a monthly “cocktail” you’ll want to treat your home to, put it in your Google calendar so you don’t forget!

But I have to say that one of my favorite things about the modern Roto-Rooter is the library of resources for homeowners on their website. They have very educational and entertaining videos on solving all sorts of problems on your own. I love a company that encourages you to tackle the easy stuff knowing that they are there for you when it gets too complicated. That’s good customer service.

I know it’s May but the video about the Thanksgiving Day sink clog is hysterical. Watch it here and then check out the whole library of How-To videos. I know you’ll get a good laugh and you’re troubles will go down the drain along with the dirty sink water!

ML Roto Rooter BA Option 1 REV 21616 wo frame